Consumer Packaged Goods

Establish brand loyalty and customer service for your packaged goods with assistance from Maxtech Data House!
With the rapidly changing dynamics of the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry; it becomes important for the CPG companies to invest in out-of-the-box strategies to evolve and beat the competition. Subsequently, quality product representation is essential for establishing brand loyalty and for superior customer service. We at Maxtech Data House understands this need and offer inbound and outbound call center solutions to help you market and sell your products and create a great customer experience in the process.

How We Can Help?

Inbound Service:

Our team is ready and available to answer your customer inquiries; where they call from the storefront to verify information prior to making a purchase. Our staff is equipped to handle tough questions with great ease and patience; allowing you to render superior customer satisfaction; while making a sale.

Outbound Service:

For the sticky situations that are tough to deal with; you have us as your partner! Simply add our outbound dialer option, a CRM and customer list, and you get a tailored, traceable solution to educate, notify and record the responses from your consumers.

Consumer Packaged Goods
Additionally, in the intensely competitive landscape, your company must battle hard to emerge out as the winner in the CPG space. With our trained and qualified staff you deliver a unique and satisfying customer experience that culminates into retaining your customers, gaining new customers and strengthening your brand loyalty.

Furthermore, optimizing your CPG accounts is imperative if you want to stay afloat in the business. In order to do so, effectively managing customer feedback is critical. With social media platforms becoming a strong source of oral marketing, magnifying positive user experience and diminishing negativity from your brand’s reputation becomes even more crucial, today. We at Maxtech Data House understand this distinctive challenge and we have created tailored solutions to help CPG companies gain momentum in their competitive environment.

Our proficient customer contact center offers industry-leading technology and processes to manage your CPG accounts, efficiently. Our processes enable us to deliver critical customer feedback that helps your company create better marketing and sales strategies, and improve business processes and overall operational efficiency.

Why Us?
  • Our highly trained agents replicate your brand culture in your target markets for enhanced brand visibility
  • Our inbound and outbound contact center solutions effectively manage customer feedback and facilitates positive recognition for your brand, increases brand loyalty and sustains recurring revenues.