Data Capture and Management

Improve Data Accuracy, Reduce Operational Costs & Save Siginifcant Time, With Maxtech Data House EDMS!!!
Maxtech Data House Electronic Data Management System (EDMS) streamlines the paper-intensive processes to render a comprehensive and integrated document and data capture solution for efficient documentation lifecycle management.

We deploy an automated approach to identify and capture data in the scanned documents and transform it into business-ready information. Our smart EDMS helps organizations to either archive and store documents, or optimize their business processes by simplifying the information delivery to key decision makers and other business verticals in the organization.

Our data processing systems is a workflow based, customizable electronic data capture platform that scales to meet requirements, from a few thousand pages to several million pages per day, in both distributed and centralized business environments.

Maxtech Data House EDMS Advantages:
  • Improvement in Information Quality
  • Reduction in Time, Efforts & Costs
  • Streamlines Business Processes, Compliant with Industry Standards
  • Successful Electronic Data Capture of High Volumes of Data
  • Reduced IT Dependence, Reduced Staffing Requirements
  • Encourages Improved Customer Services
  • Offers a Competitive Edge Across Industries – Mortgage, Banking & Financial, Retail, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing and Government.
Our Services:

Maxtech Data House specializes in offering valuable, accurate and efficient Electronic Data Management System that helps organizations improve their operational efficiency and significantly reduce costs. We provide:

  • Data Entry
  • Document Scanning
  • Data Management
Technology We Use

Maxtech Data House automated EDMS platform identifies documents, collects and protects data prior to transforming documents and data into useful business applications and content management systems. Our advanced technology enable systematic data capture by scanning documents, acknowledging relevant data and delivering expected output in different, usable formats that can be easily integrated with existing applications and systems.

Maxtech Data House EDMS platform works with scanners, fax machines and multi-functional devices to capture data from paper, data streams and faxes; which it feeds into the company’s business application; without any damage or loss of the information and documents. Our data capture and management solution is built on modular and service-based architecture that renders flexibility for quick customization and cloud hosted deployment.

Data Types We Process

We scan mixed batches of the semi-structured, structured and unstructured documents. The structured documents include paper based applications, tax forms and benefit enrollment documents. The semi-structured and unstructured documents include insurance claims, purchase orders, invoices, loan and mortgage documents, checks, medical claims, patient records, correspondence letters and legal documents. Our multimodal transportation data system processes data without the need of manually sorting the documents.

Electronic Data Management System Working

Step#1: Data from various sources is scanned and endures rigorous image enhancements like de-speckling, de-skewing, and noise reduction.

Step#2: The electronic data capture is intelligently identified with hi-tech image analysis tools and text based document identification applications.

Step#3: Data is intelligently extracted through numerous applications for reading handprint, checkboxes and machine print.

Step#4: The extracted data is converted into digital content and exported to the enterprise application to enhance business operations.