Digital Publishing

Engage Your Smart Readers with Interesting Content in Easy to Scroll and Readable Format with Maxtech Data House Digital Publishing Platform!

You don’t have time and tools. Your audience doesn’t have time; either. But, we all want instant digital gratification. Is that possible? Yes, with the right skills and tools now you can engage your audience and turn them into loyal customers!

To instantly connect with your audience in the moments that really matter to your business, we at Maxtech Data House work with numerous Electronic Publishing platforms to deliver instant digital gratification to your audience by turning your lifeless PDF content into an interactive digital experience.

Our digital publishing solutions work across mobile devices, tablets, Smart phones and modern desktops to help you make deeper connections, win loyalty, gain leads, make sales and eventually improve your ROI and brand recognition.
Trusted by thousands of content creators, Maxtech Data House digital publishing solution will enable you to easily share your superior and valuable content to your audiences, update and track it. We have the tools and knowledge to sustain a grander content strategy that will help you make your mark in the competitive digital world.

Digital Publishing
We use Adobe Digital Publishing Solution in conjunction with traditional media publishers software to help publishers deliver interactive catalogs, magazines, books, textbooks and other e-learning content across all platforms. Our Electronic Publishing platform allows you to upload and publish your curated content, books, magazines, documents and videos. What’s more, our creative team can help with your branding needs.We render a secure platform for publishers and individuals who are keen sharing their interactive, informational and educational content with their target audience; regardless of their location. We can also help you develop training applications for a wider connect with your audience.

Our Electronic Publishing Solutions include;

  • ePub Conversion
  • ePub 3 Conversion
  • Fixed Layout Conversion
  • KF8
  • Read Aloud
  • Manga
  • Panel View
  • Hidden Text
  • XML Conversion
  • HTML Conversion

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