Document Scanning & Conversion Services

Are your documents archieves safe, when a disaster strikes – or your records room will be a landfill? Know The Answer With Maxtech Data House Document Scanning & Conversion Services!
Technology has revolutionized the way businesses operate with their vendors, suppliers and customers, today. Companies now are eliminating the cumbersome paper documentation and shifting their critical paperwork to automated, paperless systems.

The advent of high speed scanners combined with manual data entry and quality checks has propelled the paper documents and extraction of details in a new direction. Quality labor and affordable outsourcing has made Document Scanning & Conversion Services popular among organizations and entrepreneurs.

Need for Document Scanning?

Business productivity and bottom lines are affected when the valuable business information is trapped in paper documents, and not to mention the space the bulk paperwork takes, the time, resources and hassle involved in extracting critical information.

Document Scanning & Conversion Services
With premium, reliable and affordable OCR and conversion solutions, in a short span of time, you can scan and convert the paper documents into a digital format, safely store it in a digital vault and use it when required. Subsequently, you can quickly retrieve historical business data for use in the present scenario and improve your operational productivity.

Maxtech Data House Document Scanning & Conversion Services Advantages
  • Save Space, Time and Resources by Eliminating Cumbersome Paper Documents
  • Reduce Operating Costs for Maintaining Paper Documents
  • Quick and Easy Access to Digital Documents Anytime, Anywhere
  • Quick Review of Digital Documents for Analyzing Company and Employee Performances, Customers, Vendors, and Market
  • Information is Safe & Secure on Your Servers
Why Outsource Document Scanning & Conversion Services to Maxtech Data House?

Maxtech Data House with its superior, efficient, reliable and speedy scanner services, workforce and infrastructure is just the right destination where you will find your outsourcing partner!!!

We have assisted several small, large and medium sized organizations go the digital way. We maintain separate teams for executing different processes in the Document Scanning & Conversion Services. Our Quality Analysts follow stringent quality checks to ensure only error-free and brilliant services are provided in the shortest TAT (turn-around time). We utilize hi-tech document scanning systems for producing error-free results. Our highly trained workforce is adept at handling both manual data entry and high speed OCR/ICR mode of scanning.

How We Work?

Step #1: Arrangement of paper documents in an organized, pre-defined way to facilitate quick scanning and management.

Step #2: Scanning documents via high-speed document imaging systems like flatbed scanner, book scanners and pdf scanner that scans documents in bulk. This process is controlled by qualified technicians who properly align the paper documents and ensure the scanned images are clear.

Step #3: Quality Team (QA) utilizes stringent quality checks to ensure absolute precision. If any documents are found erroneous they are re-scanned.

Step #4: Once the scanned documents pass the quality test, our professionals organizes the digitized documents into a proper structure for easy retrieval.