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Authors Connect with Your Readers Across Physical Boundaries with the ePub Conversion Services!

Maxtech Data House is a full-service digital firm that offers value propositions to authors and publishers on the globe. Our ePub Conversion Services converts your books into superior quality, ready-to-sell digital copies to the chief markets: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Google. Our ePub Conversion Services utilize technologies HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create E-Books with precise and detailed layouts that closely matches the actual page layout of your hardbound cover book.

ePUB Conversion Services Advantages
  • With a universal format, E-Books can be read on dedicated hardware reading devices, desktop software and online readers.
  • Publishers can significantly reduce the cost of conversion by creating a single ePUB file for multiple distribution channels.
  • ePUB format has maximum flexibility and effectiveness; it can be easily converted into other formats like RTF or .mobi.
  • Cost-efficient E-Books can be sold from multiple outlets
ePub3 Conversion
Why Opt for Maxtech Data House ePub Conversion Services?

Our services empowers and helps you to succeed in the world of eBooks

  • Retain 100% Profit, Including Royalties
  • Get Paid Directly
  • Retain Full Control Of Your Book For Life
  • Avoid Monthly Service Account Fee
How We Work?

We convert your book into an interactive E-Book from different formats like Word, Html, InDesign, Pages, PDF, Quark, scanned documents and hardbound cover book. The ePub technology we use include HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. These tools allow us to convert your book for electronic book readers, including the Apple iPad, Nook, Kobo and Amazon’s Kindle eReaders.

Our ePub Conversion Services converts your book or documents into re-flowable content – your text display can be optimized as per the specifics of the display device. ePub format is universal and can be conveniently used by publishers and authors for distribution and sale of their books.

Convert to ePUB and expand market search, increase circulation & add advertiser value by reducing overall costs. Outsource e-book conversions to Maxtech Data House for high quality services.

Maxtech Data House ePub Conversion Services Benefits
    • Quick TAT (turn around time). We complete E-Book conversions within 7-14 days as per the complexity of the project.
    • Video tutorials to assist you with marketplace setup, optimization, and marketing.
    • Proof your E-Book before publishing it across different marketplaces.
    • Our ePub conversions 100% compatible with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Google marketplaces.
    • 30 days of post-sale support through our website.
    • 24/7 Access to Customer Support

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