ePub3 Conversion

Maxtech Data House is a leading name in the E-Publishing industry for its advanced and interactive layout and typography. We assist publishing companies and authors transform their content from different data sources (MS Word, PDF, InDesign, Image, Hardbound cover book) into interactive and multi-touch eBooks for reading on Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Nook eReaders by utilizing the technology of ePub 3.0.

Why Use ePub 3 for Creating eBooks?

ePub 3 conversion services convert the existing eBooks or printed text and documents into ePub3 file that are highly interactive and help generate interest among the target audience.

  • ePub3 provides Audio, Video and Interactive features
  • Synchronized Audio and Text using includes HTML5 Audio and Video tags
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) that allows automatic image re-sizing with preferred font size
  • Enhanced accessibility of eBooks with improvised features as per the Metadata Standards
  • Support for all international languages
  • Support for MathML that establishes formulas as text, instead of images
  • Support for JavaScript, XHTML5 and CSS3 that support improvised interactivity, formatting and user operability
ePub3 Conversion
Maxtech Data House ePub3 Services Advantage

With our highly proficient team of digital technicians, we transform unstructured, low quality content into superior quality, interactive, multimedia eBook conversion that can be read across multiple devices including Smart Phone, Tablets, Compuers/Laptops.

Our skillful team uses the latest ePub 3 conversion techniques to impart an enhanced user experience to your audience. We combine our deign, consulting, and implementation abilities to ensure the result of your content is highly comfortable and pleasing to your readers’ eyes. With our ePub 3 conversion services by your side, you will impart knowledge to your audience with greater detail and accuracy.

What’s more, our team proofreads your manuscripts before transforming them into professional and appealing e-publications.

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