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Fixed Layout Conversion for iPad

Reproduce stunning, heavily illustrated, full-page eBooks that renders page fidelity exactly in the manner of their original counterparts. Ideal for travel books, cookbooks, children’s books, and exciting photography books, fixed layout ePUB conversion for iPad allows you to seamlessly create eBooks with highly illustrated and precise layout, presented exactly in the way of their original source files.


Fixed layout is a popular eBook format today, especially for books which have lots of graphics, tables, and heavy formatting. The fixed layout eBooks are particularly created with high-quality graphic design layout exactly in the way as in its print book counterpart, making the books easily readable online. However, with the digital publishing scenario changing at a rapid pace, ePUB eBook format is emerging as the industry standard, which makes it compulsory for converting fixed layout eBook file into the ePUB format for Apple iPad.

Fixed Layout ePUB Conversion Services at Maxtech Data House

Maxtech Data House, a leading name in high-quality ePUB conversion, offers professional and dedicated Fixed Layout conversion services for iPad, maintaining the uniqueness and integrity of the original print page layout and formatting. Our conversion experts at Maxtech Data House preserves the original quality and heavy formatting and layout of the printed book, which includes large photos, illustrations, or design elements. With our advanced fixed layout eBook conversion services for iPad, we enable you to fix the images, texts, illustrations, and design elements of your original content in a way similar to the digital version of typesetting. This prevents the content elements from flowing across the page even in the instance of changing the settings.

Our Fixed Layout ePUB Conversion Services

With our professional and comprehensive fixed layout ePUB conversion services, we enable you to:

  • Preserve the quality and formatting of the text over the images

  • Embed the content fonts, highlighting the precise location of images, graphics, design elements, etc.

  • Wrap the content texts around the images as demonstrated in the original source file

  • Set the background color for the eBook

  • Create multi-column text pages

  • Provide a horizontal orientation for the book

Our ePUB conversion specialists are expert in fixed layout ePUB conversion for Apple iPad, which supports a two page view, which is particularly ideal for displaying eBook pages with more illustrations and lesser text content. The fixed layout ePUB eBook format for iPad created by Maxtech Data House supports thumbnail navigation, hypertext links, zoom, and text search, without compromising with the quality of illustrations and images. This ideally distinguishes fixed layout ePUB format for iPad than that of other eBook reading devices.

Why Choose Maxtech Data House for Expert Fixed Layout ePUB Conversion for iPad?

  • Accuracy and precision in creating error-free, formatted fixed layout ePUB eBooks for iPad

  • Years of expertise in Apple’s fixed layout ePUB conversion for iPad and iPhone

  • Round the clock customer service

  • Strict adherence to the conversion guidelines and standards of Apple

  • Quick turnaround time with high quality deliverables

  • Cost-effective fixed layout ePUB conversion services

Those related to our field know very well how competitive can the world of publishing become, especially when dealing with children’s books. As the CEO, I am responsible for making the right decisions. No wonder, we were apprehensive since this was our first time with Maxtech Data House. However, after meeting members of this company I became confident and assured that we were dealing with the best in the industry. Working with them was the best decision I made, and cannot wait to work with them again. They are resourceful, creative, and ethical.

Rodney Benson
CEO Children’s Book Publisher in US