Fixed Layout Conversion

Fixed Layout Conversion enables your printed book or document to look and feel the same in its electronic version; regardless of eReader uses. When you need the text to stay with the illustrations, fixed layout format you should use. Since, fixed layout E-Books do not re-flow their text, this format works best for heavily illustrated books. Fixed Layout is often done in textbooks, coffee table picture books, technical books and cookbooks. 
Fixed layout work across numerous devices and platforms. It is readily available through  platforms like Google Play, Apple’s iBooks app and iTunes, Kobo, Overdrive, eSentral and their partner retailers. You can read your E-Books on compatible eReaders like Google Nexus, iPad, Kobo Arc and iPhone. These devices enable readers to switch between viewing the eBook as single pages or as two-page spreads. What’s more interesting is the fact, these devices will feature an animated page turn option for enhanced viewing and reading experience.
Fixed Layout Conversion
Does your E-Book need a Fixed Layout?

Yes, if it’s important that the text and images appear in a precise and consistent way. The books that are good candidates for a Fixed Layout conversion are:

  • Textbooks and Technical manuals
  • Illustrated Children’s Books
  • Cookbooks
  • Graphic novels
  • Coffee Table Books

And…….any book that depends on a static presentation, heavily-designed, full-page text or images that overlays with the images.

Maxtech Data House Advantage

The technical experts at Maxtech Data House will convert your high-resolution PDF files into an E-Book with a Fixed Layout format; especially designed for numerous E-Books applications and platforms. We ensure, your informative and quality E-Book is displayed on eReader or an iPhone in the same manner as it would in the printed form.

We will produce the following fixed layout formats for your books:

  • Fixed Layout for Google, Apple, Kobo, eSentral and Overdrive
  • Fixed Layout for Amazon Kindle Devices
  • Nook Comics for Barnes & Noble
  • Nook Kids ePUB for Barnes & Noble
  • Kindle Comics for Amazon Kindle
  • Kindle Textbook Creator for Amazon  (Kindle for PC, Kindle Fire devices, Android and iOS apps)
  • PagePerfect PDF for Barnes & Noble