KF8 Fixed Layout Conversion

KF8 Fixed Layout design is ideal for books where the content is not detailed or small, and audio and video content can be easily included. KF8 format has been designed to work on Amazon Kindle devices, such as, Kindle e-Ink readers, Kindle Fire tablet, Kindle Paper White and Kindle reading apps.

KF8 Fixed Layout design works best for Kindle devices that have smaller screens and in which only a limited amount of the content can be viewed at a particular time. However, the KF8 Fixed Layout design offers a remarkable feature of ‘region magnification’ which allows the readers to enlarge a specific area of the content by double-tapping on the screen; without zooming out the touchscreen. Additionally, this feature includes a pop-up text that enables the reader to view a larger version of each text paragraph.

KF8 Fixed Layout Converion
KF8 Fixed Layout design is suited for books with a relatively small amount of text content to display, such as;

  • Children’s Picture Books
  • Text Books & Learning Materials
  • Academic Publications
  • Cookery Books
  • Restaurant Guides
  • Travel Guides
  • Business Guides 
  • Company Reports & Annual Reviews
Maxtech Data House Advantage

We specialize in creating KF8 Fixed Layout design best-suited for creating E-Books with heavy image/graphics or texts and complex designs.

Our team focuses on rendering superior quality and therefore we use manual processes to retain the originality of the contents; which automated process fails to deliver. We manually proofread your manuscripts before submitting it for fixed layout conversion, thus ensuring quality.

We convert your E-Books/manuscripts into KF8 Fixed Layout design from any format, such as, PDF, MS Word, XML, HTML and Mobi. But that’s not all…. We are adept at delivering projects in a timely manner. Usually we complete a project within 7-8 days, depending on its complexity.

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