Re-invent Your Titles, Brands & Subscription Models with Maxtech Data House!
New trends in Technology and changing customer preferences has dramatically increased the costs of production in the Publishing Industry. Additionally, a lack of knowledge on the permissions and rights can catch even the experienced publisher off-guard.Publishers who overlook the need for automating their business processes and operations can easily put themselves to legal risks. Thus, it becomes imperative for the publishers to seek a digitalized solution that will simplify, manage and strengthen their core business processes. We at Maxtech Data House understand that need and render cutting-edge technology and flexible business models that guarantees success!

How We Can Help?

With over 25+ years in the Publishing Industry our rock-solid domain expertise includes a gamut of areas: eBook conversion, data conversion services, pre-press, creative and art design services and new media to creative and interactive design.

We assist publishers to manage Rights and Permissions using proven technology to handle digital rights for printed books, thus mitigating the legal risks. Our team helps to re-purpose their brands and titles for Web & mobile use. We also leverage demographics and user behavior to market the publisher’s products in a more effective manner. And this means that the publishers can easily re-invent titles, brands and subscription models. Thus, we deliver them a highly targeted and profitable approach in print and electronic publications.

Who We Serve?
  • Publication Houses dealing with magazines, academic books, legal, directory, database and journals
  • Newspaper Companies
  • Print & Media
Our Capabilities

Subscription Management: Our revolutionary methodology for capturing subscriptions data and mapping it to premium publishing systems, allow publishers to Improve retention rates and their market strategies. With our innovative subscription management platform publishers can up sell/cross sell their subscriptions in a more effective manner to their existing and new customers. You can power up your marketing and sales efforts by combining subscription management with CRM.

Digital Media Services (DMS): Our DMS practice addresses the challenge of content distribution and management for Publishers.

iPublishing: Automate the content into desired digital formats (Kindle, eBook, iPad) combining custom-publishing abilities with our powerful tools.

Social CRM: Revolutionize your way of managing important business and consumer information through different social media channels by implementing new approaches to CRM and data analytics.

Now you can re-structure your core publishing processes from production and editorial, to content management and rights management with Maxtech Data House unique solutions.