Read Aloud Fixed Layout

Want to connect with your readers on a special note? Use Read Aloud Fixed Layout format to tell your story!

Read Aloud Fixed Layout has been invented for offering an enhanced reading experience. This technology allows authors and publishers to embed 2D or 3D Animation, Videos, Popup Text, Images as slide shows, foot notes, scrolling sidebars and links into their E-Books. By adding rich multimedia feature, publishers and authors are able to explain the true emotions of a character that enables children to comprehend the subject in an improved manner.

Readers get complete control of how the story narration progresses, because with Read Aloud Fixed Layout, they can read the text or listen to the narration stored in an audio file. What’s more, they can switch on/off the narration and set their preferences with different options available.

Who can use Read Aloud Fixed  Layout?
  • Educational & Children’s Books with Heavy Illustrations
  • Non-Fiction Books
  • Cook Books
  • Travel Guides
  • Maintenance Manuals
Maxtech Data House Advantage

Now tell animated tales full of visuals and sound, interactive features and 3D objects with our team of Software and Digital experts who will transform your content and ideas into unique and fantastic E-Books. Our engineers will create the Read Aloud Fixed  Layout for devices that support this format- iPad, Kindle Fire HD and Nook devices.

We utilize the latest and reliable Read Aloud Fixed Layout techniques and tools to create prefect process flow. The automated processes are checked for quality at regular intervals to ensure a smooth flow of the project.

Post the project completion, our Quality Analysts meticulously monitor the layout multiple times to ensure all processes are error-free and are compliant with the industry standards. But that’s not all… Our Digital Marketing team assists our clients with new opportunities for promotions.

We are always excited to serve our customers with innovative technology and ideas. To know more on how our services can assist you, call us at 012-4322810 NOW!