Customer Testimonials


TestimonialsMaxtech Data House has provided our company with a remarkable customer service. Their prompt and courteous staff is quick to answer the phone and eager to help us at each step. They meticulously follow up with updates and status of the accounts. They have successfully helped us settle 26 outstanding accounts, and are currently working on our twenty seventh. We gladly recommend their Account Receivable Service to anyone!

Jim Lyond, Financial Director Financial, UK

TestimonialsThe staff at Maxtech is highly professional and reliable. They keep us well informed of our clients that do not pay and make a sincere effort in settling our unpaid invoices. We have been using their Debt Collection for the past 5 years and have recommended them in our business networks. We wish Maxtech great success in their endeavors.

Keith Lacey, CFO Utility, USA

TestimonialsSince 2010, we share a strong association with Maxtech Data House Private Limited and are highly satisfied with their Debt Collection Service and performance. What sets them apart from others is their human touch in recovering a bad debt. They are true professionals with a golden heart. They provide reports regularly, and are always able to accommodate any immediate requests for special information in a timely manner. We highly recommend their services to anyone!

Morgan Evans, Director Retail, USA

TestimonialsRarely does a vendor recognize and remain deeply committed to a mutually beneficial relationship and Maxtech Data does it with great success. This company has consistently delivered excellent results. What is more important to say is that they treat each of our delinquent accounts respectfully, while delivering timely and professional Debt Collection Service results. Our debt recovery payments are deposited electronically in our accounts and receive monthly reports from them. We truly appreciate it.

Simon Thrussell, Managing Director Healthcare, Australia

TestimonialsThey are empathy towards our clients. They have the readiness to share knowledge, and a team that collaborates key customers. These traits our highly valuable to any organization that has limited on the ground experience. Their personal touch to solving challenges is highly commendable. Their superior customer care service has propelled our business to the next level.

John Mackie, Customer Care Director Insurance, USA

TestimonialsMDH provides true value for the customer care services they render. We had used another vendor previously and switched to MDH because their value far exceeded the competitor, while they continued to provide us with a superb chat interface. When we contacted them for financial services support, they were highly knowledgeable, patient and supportive! They have continually proven to provide a superior customer service at highly competitive cost. Thank you MDH and we love to recommend!

Emma Wardle, Director Financial, Canada

TestimonialsThey helped to our company manages its costs and reduce expenses. With their unique Back Office Operation, Maxtech has offered us deep insight and great advice across multiple areas of cost reduction. Within the first month, we already began to enjoy a significant savings worth 30-45% on our core areas of Business Intelligence and Accounting services. We continue to discover new areas of value as we continue our onward journey with Maxtech. We are glad to have found Matxech well in time and wish the company great success. For quality and cost-effective management of Back Office Operations, Maxtech Data House is to rely upon.

Alice Dan, Offshore Director UK

TestimonialsWe were seeking to reduce our operational costs and we are glad to have found Maxtech Data House at the right time. Their cordial and knowledgeable staff has helped us reduce cost in the areas of insurance, transaction processing and Data Entry. The assistance provided by their Support team was excellent. The team immediately understood our needs and provided custom solutions. We are today able to save up to 50% of our costs. So, if you need an experienced professional to help you manage your work with quality, consistency and cost-effectiveness, Maxtech Data House is your partner in success!

Neill Crump, Operation Director Insurance, Australia

TestimonialsWe have been working with Maxtech for over 7 years. We have always been impressed with Maxtech focus and ability to come up with innovative solutions regarding debt collection and system management. Team members from Maxtech have access to the receivables section of our operating system.

Gary Taylor, General Manager Advertising & Publishing, Bermuda

TestimonialsThose related to our field know very well how competitive can the world of publishing become, especially when dealing with children’s books. As the CEO, I am responsible for making the right decisions. No wonder, we were apprehensive since this was our first time with Maxtech Data. However, after meeting members of this company I became confident and assured that we were dealing with the best in the industry. Working with them was the best decision I made, and cannot wait to work with them again. They are resourceful, creative, and ethical.

Rodney Benson, CEO, Children’s Book Publisher, USA

TestimonialsMaxtech Data House has been a pleasure to work with. Our company needed a customized digital solution for publications of eBooks, Magazines, and Media articles and Maxtech walked that extra mile for us. They created interactive, attractive, and user-friendly publications for our readers to enjoy. We feel much obliged by their exceptional customer service, prompt, reliable and cost-effective Digital Publishing solutions. It is professional and wornderfully pleasant!!!!

Robert Langford, Operation Director, Digital Publishing Company in UK

TestimonialsThey did a wonderful job; exactly what I was looking for data management. Professional, highly efficient, and quick to respond, they followed my specifications thorough and up to the letter. Even troubleshooting was instantaneous. While their team is highly recommended, I was still amazed by their efficiency and attention to detail. Maxtech Data House was gracious enough to put up with the mistakes I made, and rectified them with insight and accuracy. What is more they charged reasonably. WELL DONE!

Paul Humphreys, Operational Director, Financial, Canada

TestimonialsWe were seeking a long-term and effective solution to best serve the needs of our audience and our search ended with Maxtech Data House! We are glad to have found them at the right time, as they have proved to be a value addition to our Digital Publishing vertical. For our production process, we required a seamless and user-friendly conversion process to take our monthly InDesign files from PDF to digital edition and Maxtech provided unique, customized, and cost-effective solution. But that’s not all, their cordial staff delivered exemplary customer service, too! We are proud to have partnered with Maxtech Data House and would praise them to anyone who seek quality, reliable, cost-effective and prompt digital publishing services.

Ivan Gowan, Production Director, eBook Conversion Company in USA