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Logistics Data Entry

The dynamic changes in compliance and rising cost of fuel has made Transportation & Logisticsextremely fragmented & competitive. Companies in this sector want to engage with a service partner to improve their profit and service delivery.

Logistics Data Entry is a significant activity for the development of transportation & logistics industry.Perfect & timely entered information connects various associates from initial pick-up to the final destination. Having a systematic, coordinated logistics structure in place is important for streamlined management. With the complexity of increased volumes, varied parcel drop options, and last minute re-routing, you need solutions that provide increased visibility.

However, administering logistics data entry is a tedious &time-consuming process that highly depends upon a high level of technological expertisebecause of logistics & transportation industry's hyper dynamic nature, which needs to be dealt with precision and proficiency.

Max BPO offers accurate Logistics Data Entry solutions that allows visibility from floor to door.

There are several types of documents like bill of lading, certificate of origin, commercial invoice, proof of delivery & several other certificates that need to enter into the system. In transportation & logistics, there always exists a necessity of keying information on time to timely deliver.

Our core Logistics Data Entry spans as follows:

  • Purchase Order entry
  • Data Entry & Verification of Bill of Landing
  • Invoice Generation
  • Driver log entry
  • Freight Bill Entry
  • Pre & Post Freight Bill Audit
  • Overcharge Evaluation
  • Claim Dispute Settlement


  • Qualified Team
  • Unparalleled Accuracy
  • Best Turn Around time
  • Competitive Pricing Parameter
  • Perfect Blend of Analytics & Technology
  • Data Quality &Security
  • Custom-Made Solutions
  • No Obligation Trial

Why Us?

Extensive Experience – Maxtech Data House management team with extensive experience in different domains of the BPO industry aims to deliver process excellence. We achieve excellence by focusing on continuous improvement across all business verticals to render seamless user experience.
Domain Expertise – Maxtech Data House is a proven and trusted service provider to several industries. We have enriched experience of our leadership team to deliver supreme services and deep insight into business. Cost Effective Services – Collaborating with Maxtech Data House enables you to manage your business operations effectively and affordably.

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