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Technology & Outsourcing Transforming Insurance Industry

Competitive Insurance Business Processes Creates Profitability And Growth

Need Assistance with Claims Management Services and Streamlining Your Business Operations? Welcome to Maxtech Data House Your Key to Booming Insurance BusinessFor a profitable Insurance business, you must compete efficiently in the volatile market. And, for that your business processes must be highly flexible and agile. We at Maxtech Data House, assist you to operate on a solid foundation for growth and profitability with our innovative methodologies and technology. We help you to meet regulatory requirements, improve customer acquisition and maintain customer loyalty through new product launches and superior service.
Our intelligent processes are designed to transform your claims efficiency and cost, reduce fraud, manage risk and provide 100% Customer Satisfaction to your end-users. This culminates into conducting your business with confidence and becoming a market leader.

Our Services

Front-end Solutions: Our trained and skilled Agents engage with your existing and new customers to cross-sell or up-sell your insurance products and resolve any consumer complaints.
Back Office Services: Claims Management and Processing: We help streamline operations and provide detailed insight into information – first notice of loss (FNOL), payments, treaty verification, reserves, recoveries in case of fraud detection and case closure. We capture critical data from any typed or handwritten policy document or claims form and convert them accurately into the preferred digital format. With our advanced metric-driven claims and recovery methodologies, we help you to reduce costs, time and improve your effectiveness in processing claims forms and detect and prevent fraud.
Underwriting and Policy Administration: Our underwriting services for both commercial and personal insurance companies enables them to enjoy a competitive edge. Our services include underwriting support and policy renewals or cancellations.
Our policy administration services include streamlining the administrative processes to improve efficiency in audits, collection, disbursements, cancellations and customer service.
Process Management Service: Our proficient team of skilled workforce manages multi-country insurance process by offering services: Application to Issue (A2I) and Distribution and Compensation Management, Claims Processing Forms.
Administration of Insurance Advisors: We capture and convert insurance advisor data in the preferred electronic format and regularly update premium payments and new business data for better management and focus on growth and profits of the Insurer.

Why Us?

Extensive Experience – Maxtech Data House management team with extensive experience in different domains of the BPO industry aims to deliver process excellence. We achieve excellence by focusing on continuous improvement across all business verticals to render seamless user experience.
Domain Expertise – Maxtech Data House is a proven and trusted service provider to several industries. We have enriched experience of our leadership team to deliver supreme services and deep insight into business. Cost Effective Services – Collaborating with Maxtech Data House enables you to manage your business operations effectively and affordably.

To know how we can further assist with your unique industry requirement, please email at [email protected]