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We Find Solutions to Optimize & Manage Risks

Reliable & Secure Banking and Financial Services to Quickly & Efficiently Address Market Changes & Build Profitable Customer Relationships

Seeking a vendor who can mitigate the risks streamline the business processes and help your bank or financial institution connect with your customers for a long and profitable association?
Welcome to Maxtech Data House – We Deliver Innovative, Compliant & Lucrative Financial & Banking Solutions for You!
We at Maxtech Data House offer a gamut of financial services for our Banking & Financial
industry customers to help them build and maintain a trusting relationship with their end-users. For your growing financial and accounting needs, our seasoned and robust team of financial experts can immediately help you reduce operational costs, make timely delivery, and serve superior quality and accuracy.

How We Work?

Front-end Solutions:
We enable Banking & Financial organizations deliver a brilliant customer experience through every interaction, channel and touchpoint, managing regulatory compliance and reducing costs. With our advanced Web, Voice & E-mail support, we enable you to evaluate and comprehend the reason for customer contact, and apply skills, account history and industry best practices to resolve any issue. Furthermore, our trained Agents, utilize their skills to up-sell or cross-sell your financial products to existing and new customers.
Back Office Solutions:
We understand the burden of storing, managing and retrieving critical financial and business information of thousands of users who transact with your financial institution, regularly. In such a scenario, the high risk involved in losing critical information or feeding wrong information while processing the forms is high. What, if a strategic partner could help you efficiently process the bulk financial documents at a fraction of the cost of hiring new employees? This is where we step in. Our team is adept at handling and processing the financial data for small and medium businesses, CPAs, banks and financial institutions, and accounting firms.

Our Banking & Financial solutions include the following broad areas:

We understands the distinct requirement of retail and e-commerce customers that are at par with industry expectations, and we specialize in supporting them with tailored inbound and outbound contact center solutions.

  • > Accounting
  • > Bookkeeping
  • > Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • > Bank Accounts, Credit Accounts, Credit Reports, Client Verification

We Work with Latest Business Technologies

Since financial information is highly critical to your business, and simultaneously complex and detailed, it is therefore important to be 100% accurate and authentic. Considering this fact, we at Maxtech Data House use the latest technology of Optical Character Reading (OCR) and scanning procedures to ensure the information is accurately converted into electronic format with zero formatting errors.