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Taking Mediclaim to New Heights with Innvovative Technology

Quick, Reliable & Efficient Services in Claim Administration, Management and Settlement

Maxtech Data House as Third Party Administrator (TPA) has been serving the Healthcare Service Industry for the last 10 years. We have emerged as the preferred partner for several Healthcare Insurance companies due to our strong competencies and value-added services.
Our vision to re-design the Healthcare Insurance industry through Standardization, Cost Optimization and Commitment to Deliver Superior Quality Services has earned us awards and recognition from medical fraternity and the insurance companies.

How We Can Help?

With the growing cases of health insurance, it is becoming difficult for the insurance companies to manage information overload. For the policyholder it culminates into a delayed processing time and they must dip into their savings if they are to meet the medical expenses on time. To meet these unique challenges,
Maxtech Data House as a TPA offers an extensive suite of speedy, accurate and efficient electronic data entry and capturing solutions that range across diverse strata of healthcare industry.
The demand for converting outdated handwritten or typed format application forms for health insurance companies into precise and accurate digitalized information is the need of the hour.
Our proficient team is highly adept at processing bulk amount of health insurance forms into an electronic format that can be easily accessed anytime and from anywhere by the Insurance companies. Moreover, it saves the insurance companies costs and resources in processing complex applications and Claims form.
For the policyholders, we ensure transparency in Claims Settlement process and thus offers 100% Customer Satisfaction; while taking Mediclaim to a new level.

Our Services:

Front-end Solutions:
Our trained Agents via Voice, Web & E-mail support assist your customers by resolving their inquiries, claims processing or complaints.
Back Office:
HCFA 1500/Update CMS 1500 Claim Forms Processing: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CMS 1500, updated the latest HCFA 1500 claim form, facilitating space for referring physicians, National Provider Identifiers, and billing details. To enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare system, it is compulsory for Department of Health and Human Services to adopt the national standards for advanced electronic healthcare transactions and identifiers and codes for such transactions. With our advanced claim form processing services, we seamlessly fit into the latest requirements presented by CMS, without any major changes required in the process of data lift.
UB92/ UB04 Claim Forms Processing:
With vast experience and expertise, we process thousands of UB92 and UB04 claim forms annually, migrating umpteen insurance plans. We specialize in processing Hospital Claims, which also includes multiple pages. Our unique and advanced model enables us to migrate our processes for TPAs and insurance companies. Our seasoned processors are trained in different aspects of the UB process such as Admission Diagnosis codes, Principal Diagnosis code, Principal Procedure, Condition Codes, Rev Codes, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality.
Dental Insurance Claims Processing:
Processing a variety of dental forms according to the American Dental Association and American Association of Orthodontists and FACETS, is a complex process. It demands expert processors who have the efficiency to evaluate, promote and estimate the right claims processing method. Different types of dental claims processes by us include: ADA 1994 J510, ADA J504, J510, J511, and J512, 2002-2004 ADA, and ADA 1999 version 2000. Our quick turnaround time, advanced technology and process, and premium service quality make us the best vendor in processing dental claims.
Current Policies:
For all current policies still in paper format, we first extract the information from application forms through ICR/OCR/scanning machines, and then convert them into the preferred digital format for better storage and quick retrieval. New Business Administration:
We also offer reliable and accurate form processing services for new health insurance businesses, offering automated data capturing services, followed by quality checks and verification to deliver accurate processed data.

Hiring Maxtech Data House for processing Healthcare Claim Administration, Management and Settlement services, you can significantly save resources and cost; while gaining 100% accurate, prompt, and reliable information.

Why Us?

Extensive Experience – Maxtech Data House management team with extensive experience in different domains of the BPO industry aims to deliver process excellence. We achieve excellence by focusing on continuous improvement across all business verticals to render seamless user experience.
Domain Expertise – Maxtech Data House is a proven and trusted service provider to several industries. We have enriched experience of our leadership team to deliver supreme services and deep insight into business. Cost Effective Services – Collaborating with Maxtech Data House enables you to manage your business operations effectively and affordably.

To know how we can further assist with your unique industry requirement, please email at [email protected]