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Logistics Process Outsourcing

Outsource Logistics BPO Services to Maxtech Data House Pvt. Ltd.

Tailored Logistics Processing Outsourcing Assures Prompt Shipment Delivery and Keep Your Customers Happy!

In supply chain management, the central element is the logistics, as you want to keep the process smooth, reduce the overhead costs, and improve return on investment (ROI). There is a constant battle to maintain punctual delivery with cheap prices. Organizations must find new ways to create price advantages and process faster and efficient package deliveries.With 22 years of robust work experience in Logistics Processing Outsourcing, we are the natural choice for small, medium and large businesses!
Maxtech Data House is your trusted partner in prompt and efficient Logistics Processing Outsourcing (LPO). We meticulously work to provide you the following solutions:

  • Shipment Data Collection
  • Order Entry
  • Dispatch
  • Co-ordinating with vendors to perform the dispatch
  • Track & Tracing
  • Inventory Management
  • Invoice Processing
  • POD Updates
  • Consolidation And Processing Of Bill Of Lading
  • Pre & Post Freight Audit & Payment
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Credit & Collection
  • Inbound & Outbound Call Center
  • Vendor Support Desk
We provide tailored LPO services to meet your specific business goals, improve efficiency and achieve cost savings for your company. We utilize custom workflow process and technologies to deliver results and add value to your businesses with streamlined logistics solutions. Our custom LPO services help to improve your supply chain management. We focus on accuracy, quality, and security with timely completion of logistics support.

Go beyond cost savings. Improve back-office performance. Deliver results.

Core advantages:

  • Industry-specific experience and training
  • Broad logistics insight with additional services scope
  • Solutions for rail, air, ocean, and road logistics
  • Streamlined supply chain, reduced costs

Reliable and Efficient Debt Collection from Maxtech Data House!

We utilize high-tech accounts receivable management and collection to facilitate our customers better manage their delinquent accounts receivable and recover the money that is owed them.
Our account management and collection services are paperless, it thus allows our account recovery specialists to be more efficient; while we maintain superior standards of customer privacy to protect your account information. Our system and internal procedures are compliant to industry regulations.
Additionally, our account recovery specialists are trained on acceptable and respectful receivable recovery techniques; compliant with the state and federal collection laws. We have different teams created for different types of accounts receivable problems solutions, such as; retail collectors handle retail debts and healthcare receivables management is handled by proficient medical collectors. Our strategy thus improves the outcome and promotes a higher level of customer satisfaction among the debtors.

How We Work?

Our accounts receivable management solutions involve procedures such as making a telephone call to the debtors, mailing collection notices and skip tracing. Our collection system allows Maxtech Data House collectors to approve, accept and instantly process the payments via debit/credit cards and electronic checks.
We are flexible receivables management services and work with our customers to build unique methods for account management and collection strategies. We accept the list of delinquent accounts via fax, e-mail, and on paper.
Our services allow our customers to utilize a letter campaign or a telephone messaging campaign along with their existing billing process. We work in tandem with our clients to create a mailing campaign involving a series of letters, mailed to the delinquent account owners over a specific time period. These letters inform the debtors of their past dues and that must immediately contact the creditors to resolve the delinquency. If the debtor fails to pay post the campaign; the account will automatically transfer into bad debt collections.
Alternatively, you can use telephone messaging option with our IVR facility. We shall create custom messages or text-to-speech dialogues for your debtors. This campaign will call your debtors multiple times at different times of day throughout the period.

Why Us?