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Consistent Customer Service Is The Mantra For Growth And Expansion For Manufacturing Industry

Accelerate Growth and Build Customer Loyalty By Delivering A Consistent Brand Experience With Maxtech Data House Sevices!

For manufacturing companies, effective order management and fulfillment is the key to delivering consistent customer satisfaction. To beat the competition in the aggressive marketplace, manufacturers must deliver orders on promised deadlines, cater to customized order requirements and offer flexibility in handling orders at lower costs. Additionally, rendering superior customer service to existing clientele can significantly improve revenues. Thus, it becomes imperative to streamline communications among suppliers, vendors and channel partners to bank upon process efficiency within the diverse order and delivery channels.Maxtech Data House Contact Center Solutions Delivers Efficient and Lucrative Inbound & Outbound Solutions!
With our robust 10 years of experience in delivering customized solutions to manufacturing companies on the globe, we ensure that your company engages with customers and suppliers in a smooth way throughout the order management and fulfillment process.

Maxtech Data House Solutions for Manufacturing Operations

Customer Service across Channels

Industry reports suggest that consumers use 12 channels to experience a product, including web, mobile app and offline (retail). To monetize the opportunities of the digital marketplace; your business must focus on an omni-channel customer service approach. Our multi-channel contact center creates a personalized customer experience for your users through voice, web and mobile channels.

Consistency of Customer Care

Customer loyalty is created on a consistent brand experience in the manufacturing sector. We at Maxtech Data House deeply understand this fact and rigorously train our staff on your company's business principles that allows them to respond to your customers need with confidence and courtesy. Additionally, we monetize the up-selling and cross-selling opportunities to optimize revenue inflow for your company.

Seamless Call Center Service through Single Vendor

Your manufacturing facility may need to render customer support and communication with supply chain partners. We have the robust capability to provide an end-to-end customer service requirements that reduce the risk of outsourcing for your company.

Premium Technology

With the latest and the right technology to connect with your customers at your fingertips, you can significantly save cost and time. With our high-tech contact center technology, we ensure optimization of inbound and outbound customer interactions for your company. Our technology involves utilization of facilities for IVR, Voice Logger, Automatic Call Distributor, Dialer and Reporting Engine.

Metrics-Driven Decision-Making

You can evaluate insights about your CRM strategies, with the assistance from our call center metrics and detailed reports. You gain visibility and control across the outsourcing process (inbound and outbound) through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) reports that include Average Handling Time (AHT), First Call Resolution (FCR) and Abandoned Call Rate.

Data Security

We adhere to the stringent data security measures to ensure that clients trust your company and its premium customer service. Outsourcing to Maxtech Data House allows your business to build long-term customer relationships.

Our multi-channel contact center integrates latest call center technology with well-trained professionals to service effectively through critical communication channels that includes:

We understands the distinct requirement of retail and e-commerce customers that are at par with industry expectations, and we specialize in supporting them with tailored inbound and outbound contact center solutions.

  • > Web & Live Chat
  • > Inbound & Outbound Voice Support
  • > Mobile SMS
  • > Email Management
  • > IVR