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Exceptional Customer Service Is The Key To Sales

Outsource Your Telecommunications Services and Technical Support to Add Value To Your Business!

Telecommunication companies are aggressively competing for market share by rendering bundled offerings. With customers being continuously greeted by your competitors; offering services for a lower tariff, how can you positively engage your audience, create a stronger brand visibility, create customer loyalty and stand apart from the competition?The key lies in offering exceptional customer service which will automatically boost the sales revenues of your company. Maxtech Data House with several years of engagement with Telecommunication companies understand the core principles of the industry and has designed customized contact center solutions that work!
Maxtech Data House Facilitate Telecommunication Companies Augment Revenue Targets, Improve Service Levels And Customer Satisfaction!
We render intelligent service, sales, and technology solutions through our inbound and outbound voice and live chat solutions. For over a decade, we have assisted top telecommunication companies acquire new customers, maximize ROI by rendering brilliant services and expanding customer base and by effectively managing the costs. Our successful and constant track record in attaining key metrics that include service levels, conversion rates, monthly recurring revenue and average order value for our clients has made us a preferred business partner.

Value Added Services Rendered for Telecommunication Industry

Proactive Web Engagement
Maxtech Data House outbound contact center monitors customers' web behavior and help them complete the web transactions via live chat or voice.
Proactive Notification
We are proactive in dispersing critical business information; when required. Our Agents keep your customers informed, well-in-advance, in regards to business updates or any service interruption to reduce the impact of customers flooding your office with phone calls in regards to the same.
Our team of trained Agents renders live web chat or voice to help customers complete "Call-To-Action" via your mobile application and simultaneously provide and brilliant customer experience across channels; which strengthens your brand's visibility.
Back Office Productivity
We vigorously manage the workload distribution of your back office processes to render a workforce insight to your management and optimize it for superior productivity output.
Workforce Optimization
With our comprehensive range of solutions for optimal employee engagement, we assess and train our Agents to achieve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

BPO Services offered to Telecommunications Industry

We understands the distinct requirement of retail and e-commerce customers that are at par with industry expectations, and we specialize in supporting them with tailored inbound and outbound contact center solutions.

  • > Live Web Chat for Services and Sales and Service via Inbound and Outbound Contact Centre Solutions
  • > Customer Retention & Relationship Management via Web chat and Voice based processes
  • > Lead Generation
  • > Technical Support
  • > Billing Support Services
  • > Customized Reporting Solutions