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Travel, Transportation and Hospitality BPO Services

Optimize Costs and Improve Growth in Your Business with Custom Solutions from Maxtech Data House!
Volatile fuel costs, sliding economy, demanding customers, declining growth of trade and competitive landscape are posing grave challenges for the Travel, Transportation and Hospitality Services. Streamlining operational efficiencies can help companies to fight these challenges and improve their customers' experience, reduce operational costs and sustain profitability.We at Maxtech Data House help you streamline your business processes to transform your operations and exceed customer service quality. With our proficient team, we accurately capture customer and business data into your preferred digital format and our analytics team provides a valuable business insight; enabling you to improve your services and competitiveness in your industry.

How We Help?

Our Business Process Services (BPO) team delivers integrated IT-BPO services for travel, transportation and hospitality businesses across the globe. We render data capture service as well as analytics to help you make an informed decision.
Our clients gain from our unique integrated BPO model that seamlessly integrates back office and front office business operations. With accurate and efficient data capture and processing, we aim to deliver only brilliant services to our clients that culminates into increased revenue, enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced costs. Our Industry-specific Solutions involve:

Customer Contact Center – Front Office

  • > Customer Reservations & Bookings
  • > Cross Sell Travel, Hospitality & Transportation Products
  • > General Inquiries
  • > Cancellations and Reschedules
  • > Online and E-mail Bookings Fulfillment
  • > Complaints/ Correspondence Handling
  • > Itinerary Research and Planning
  • > Rendering Destination Information
  • > Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • > Schedule Changes in Itinerary, Reservations & Bookings
  • > Social Media Tracking and Management
  • > Chat & Web Support

Customer Contact Center – Back Office

  • > Expense Accounting
  • > Payables Reconciliations
  • > Receivables Reconciliations
  • > Refunds and Exchanges Management
  • > Analytics and Newsletters

To know how we can further assist with your unique industry requirement, please email at [email protected]